Do you need:

 A Senior DevOps Practitioner experienced in Linux environment, containers and orchestration?

 An Infrastructure Engineer ready to build platform infrastructure for your startup or a project?

 A reliable, self-organized Senior Software Engineer involved in Open Source projects comfortable with implementing custom business logic for your product?

  A product-oriented engineer eager to build platforms from scratch while being highly autonomous and fully adapted to your team?

 An SRE to automate your workflow using CI/CD pipelines?

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What can an Experienced DevOps Consultant do for you?

Common scenarios where I deliver successful projects:

  1. Provide guidance on software development and deployment methodologies in the early stages of your project.
  2. Design and architect scalable and reliable cloud and hybrid systems.
  3. Implement Git techniques such as GitHub Flow and GitFlow on GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab to split your application deployments between Production, Staging, QA and Development environments.
  4. Scale your applications using managed container services such as AWS ECS, GCP Cloud Run and App Engine or managed Kubernetes services such as AWS EKS and GCP GKE.
  5. Secure your application environments defining least-privilege IAM policies for your workloads and hardening your APIs using firewalls and CDN/Load Balancing services.
  6. Implement custom solutions required for your products based on Go, Node.js and such.
  7. Automate your testing and deployment processes creating CI/CD pipelines using platforms such as Jenkins, Travis CI and GitHub Actions.
  8. Migrate your on prem applications to the cloud environment such as AWS, GCP and Azure.
  9. Import and configure your current cloud infrastructure with Infrastructure-as-Code using tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation.
  10. Package your applications into Docker containers and make them publicly available.

Why is Mario Kozjak the right fit for your project?

I take full ownership over the things I build.

I am highly autonomous and can find my way around every obstacle that may come my way.

I have over 10 years of experience dealing with development, deployment and integration of various in-house, 3rd party and open-source systems spanning industries like IPTV, ISP, IoT, Industrial and Real Estate.

I want to partner with you on your cloud projects for the long-term. From planning, through to development and future improvements.

I prefer quality over quantity.

I believe in simplicity over complexity.

I care about conventions.

I'm an avid open-source contributor.

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What do people I worked with say about me?

“Without a trace of ego, Mario conformed to our processes and worked with us on some changes. He also continued to take the lead, directing others on our team in various initiatives. His demeanor was always fun and good-natured. Mario is kind of person you want to have on your team.”

- Brandt Tullis, Director of Cloud Operations at Keller Williams Realty

“Mario’s work was consistently excellent! While he initially joined the team as a senior DevOps engineer, he very swiftly transitioned into the role of Lead, taking charge of all critical operations keeping the service maintained, stable, and easily managed. He can effectively engage with stakeholders, having established close and consistent working relationships with both the Founder and CTO.”

- Breauna Kading, VP of Client Success at X-Team

“Mario is a hard-working, self-motivated individual with a genuine drive to constantly learn and improve, and one of the most skillful Linux shell and Node.js engineers I ever worked with. Besides, he has pleasant, easy going personality and great communication skills.”

- Nikola Kolarović, Senior System Software Engineer at NVIDIA

“Mario made critical contributions and led a number of key projects that made an immense impact on the Bramble team’s operational capability. The Infrastructure as Code methodology and DevOps playbooks that Mario developed have been core to the Bramble’s ability to reliably deploy and flexibly scale.”

- Zach Goldstein, Director of Engineering at Bramble

“Mario is a self-motivated, proactive, hard-working team member, always looking for ways to improve services and help other colleagues to manage services in a best way possible.”

- Milan Drobac, Systems Engineer at Huawei Technologies

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